5 November 2018


Platforma SuperHeroes

Technology Used:

React, GraphQL, Apollo, R, and Python


11 weeks (77 days; 385 Hours)

Design Concept

Platforma SuperHeroes is a platform that brings together locals with exceptional skills and crafts to the forefront of the corporate and professional world. Platforma SuperHeroes came to us with an idea and a wireframe for how they their needed data stored. The rest was up to us to build and modify to fit their specific needs and requests.

Due to this being a ground up project we were not bound by any existing codebase or sturctures which left us free to build up a beautiful and responsive React website that they will be able to expand upon their needs to any degree in the future.

This project led us to begin development on our Card Based Filtering System Which allows us to integrate a grid based card view that can be filtered from user inputs to show a certain category, type, or product. You can see an example of this in the frame above.