1 August 2018


Pathfinder Media LLC.

Technology Used:

React, GraphQL, Apollo, R, and Braintree


9 weeks (64 days; 275 Hours)

Design Concept

Most people are like Max from Pathfinder Media, has an idea for a product or service but has no idea how to get such in front his users. However where Max is different is that he took the time to find me and tell me what idea as well as what he needed. I was glad to grow my portfolio so I decided to give him a hand building his ecommerce site using my module.

Once with all the details modifing the module to fit Max and Pathfinders needs we got to work modifing and testing Max's module with his new domain and website. After a quick nine weeks Max's site, 'Ease' was deployed and now live to the world wide internet and his prospective users.