9 April 2018


Houston Leasing and Condos LLC.

Technology Used:

React, GraphQL, and Apollo, and Braintree


3 weeks (20 days; 84 Hours)

Design Concept

Houston by The Lakes came to me in the middle April looking to revamp their decaying and unfunctional website which they believed was hurting their apartment business. After duiscussing their needs we both decided that a rather simple one-page parallax website

Update: 12 December 2018

Houston by The Lakes came to us once again with the goal of being able to schedule and view prospective leasee's appointments to view their properties. Due to our framiliarity with the codebase and website we built them add this functionality into their site was not going to be a challenge at all. Four weeks later we built, tested and deployed and appointment scheduler on their site and saw a 80% increase in prospective appointments with our module and site.